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50th Anniversary

Pipes and Drums 50th Anniversary

On November 8, 2012, The Pipes and Drums of the Edmonton Police Service were honoured at a ceremony at for 50 years of performing in the community. On November 11, 1962, the band made their first ever performance in their current form during Remembrance Day ceremonies in central . Since that day, the band has travelled the world, played for royalty and dignitaries of all stripes, performed at parades in Western Canada and the United States, as well as numerous other events. They have performed onstage with professional musicians and been recorded on DVD and tape.

Apart from the recognition of 50 years of service to the community, the band also received a new mace bearing commemorative badges, which was presented during the same ceremony. The mace will be proudly carried by our Drum Major in upcoming events. The band has experienced a very successful and productive year and looks forward to many more in the future.

Here’s a video clip of an interview with D/Chief Mike Bradshaw (Ret.) and  CSM Langford Bawn about the Pipes and Drums during the celebration at City Hall.

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