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Our Uniform

Our Uniform

The EPS Pipes and Drums wears the traditional highland dress uniforms of the British Army Highland Regiments. The tartan worn is the Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan. There are several orders of dress besides the Full Dress which is worn on formal occasions such as K Days Parade or Remembrance Day Parades.

Learn about the different pieces of uniform and some history behind the uniform pieces.

Wolf skins? Cougar skins? Why do drummers sometimes wear these? It’s all about tradition.

_piper full dress.jpg

Piper Full Dress

This uniform is referred to as full dress and is worn on formal occasions when the full band is playing. You will see it at Klondike Days Parade, Remembrance Day, or other military or official ceremonies

_#2 order1.JPG

#2 Order of Dress 

This is the most common uniform worn by the band and is used by solo pipers, mini bands and full bands at most events. 

_drum full dress.jpg

Drummer Full Dress

The Drummers full Dress is the same as the pipers except for the Plaid. The drummer’s plaid is much smaller and doesn’t hang down in front of the left arm as the piper’s does.

#3 order.JPG

#3 and 4 Order of Dress

#3 dress and #4 are very similar except that #3 is worn with a tartan tie and #4 is has open collar as shown above.

_#1 dress.JPG

#1 Order of Dress

This is the same as Full Dress but the Glengarry is worn instead of the feather bonnet. The Edmonton Police Service badge is worn on the left side of the Glengarry.

_#5 dress.JPG

#5 Order of Dress

This order of dress was added when the band went to Europe in 2003. It was used for practice sessions and the occasional more casual performance wearing a golf style shirt.

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