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Juno 2003

Europe 2003

In June 2003, the band was one of several pipe bands invited to participate in the dedication ceremony of the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, France, the site of the Canadian landings during D-Day in 1944. Twenty-two members of the band traveled to England and France playing at several Canadian and Allied battle fields, memorial services with the British Paratroopers Association and the Normandy Veterans Association. Performances were also conducted in London; Aldershot Military Base (a Canadian staging base during WW II); at Portsmouth D-Day Museum; on the HMS Warrior and the HMS Victory (Admiral Horatio Nelson’s flagship) in Portsmouth Harbour; Vimy Ridge; Beaumont-Hamel; and the Pipers Memorial at Longueval, France situated amidst the First World War battlefields.

In 2003, reporter J’Lyn Nye and cameraman Steve Korby from Global News went to the Vimy Ridge War Memorial. Here’s part of their news story from 2003.

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